National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey (NFBNJ): Affiliate Procedures to Supplement the NFB Code of Conduct

The National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey endeavors to be a welcoming place for all its members and guests. We adhere to the National Federation of the Blind Code of Conduct:
and encourage all members to report violations of this code as indicated in the code.

There may be times when behavior that is unbecoming of a member of the NFBNJ will be addressed at the Affiliate Level for immediate remediation. The following process is suggested as guidance on how to handle grievances at the Affiliate Level.

  1. The grievance should be brought to the attention of the NFBNJ Affiliate President (henceforth referred to as the President).
  2. The President will document the grievance and request specific details related to the event or situation.
  3. The President will call a meeting of the NFBNJ Board of Directors to discuss this matter and determine the necessary steps to resolve it safely and judiciously.
  4. All Board Members will vote on the proceedings and a majority vote is required to implement corrective action.
  5. To be considered:
    • The seriousness and repetitiveness of the offending behavior.
    • Harm done this may be to the organization, chapter/division or to a member.
      (Note: it is suggested that sufficient details be discussed and documented to ensure accountability by the Board).
  6. The offender may be given a verbal warning by the President which will be followed up with a written letter detailing further consequences should the egregious behavior persist.
  7. Failure to follow the initial warning and written letter of reprimand may result in additional consequences which may include suspension from Affiliate events up to and including full revocation of membership.
  8. All communications pertaining to these grievances will be voted on by the NFBNJ Board of Directors and require a majority vote to approve.
  9. The Office of the President, National Federation of the Blind will receive copies of all correspondences pertaining to these grievances.
  10. Special Circumstances:
    • The egregious behavior involves the NFBNJ President: reporting should be directed to the Vice President who may seek guidance from National.
    • The egregious behavior involves an Officer or Board Member: this individual should not be involved in any meetings to discuss the issue. Guidance from National may be requested.

Reviewed and Approved by the NFBNJ Board of Directors on: March 15, 2022