Parents of Blind Children-NJ (POBC-NJ)

Parents of Blind Children-NJ (POBC-NJ) began in 1991 in the home of one of our founding members. Six families decided that evening to help other families learn what they needed to know to create opportunities for their blind and visually impaired children and help them learn and grow. We began with a mailing list of thirty-four names. Today we number over six hundred!

Our goal is to help blind/visually impaired children grow up to be productive, fully functioning, independent members of society and to help blind/VI children with additional disabilities reach their full potential.

POBC-NJ offers:

  • Emotional support, information, referrals, training, and advocacy
  • A positive attitude toward blindness/visual impairment and the abilities of blind/VI people
  • Networking and contact with other families and with blind/VI adults
  • The In Touch newsletter and Future Reflections magazine, full of practical info and tips
  • The Blind Children’s Resource Center website—visit us at
  • Activities for parents, teachers, and children
  • A voice on state and national boards and ongoing interaction with legislators to work toward improving services and increasing opportunities for blind/VI children
  • Affiliation with national organizations offering the resources, information, and support of 50,000 blind/VI adults and parents of blind/VI children across the country

In addition, we offer the following free literature packets:

  • Blind Students in the Elementary Classroom
  • Program Brochure Packet
  • Early Childhood
  • Low Vision (Children)
  • Blind Teens
  • Parents of Blind Children
  • Braille Literacy (Children)
  • Cane Travel/O&M (Children)
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Multiply Disabled/Blind (Children)
  • Social Skills (Children)

Do you wish to join POBC-NJ? Then, please complete one of the following forms:

WE’RE HERE FOR YOU! Call, write, or email anytime. To learn more about POBC-NJ and to receive a schedule of meeting dates and times, please contact Founder Carol Castellano at 973-377-0976.