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Classic cars at Hershey Park. Jane Degenshein is the driver with family.
Classic cars at Hershey Park. Jane Degenshein is the driver with family.


From February through June of each year, the Senior Division of the NFB (NASB) proudly sponsors conference calls on a variety of topics with moderators presiding over each call. We hope these calls provide information and thoughtful discussions in your local chapter and other senior meetings throughout the year.

To attend the calls, dial 712-432-1500, then use access code 759633 pound. You will hear the code you entered repeated. Press 1 if it is correct. Press 2 to re-enter it. If you press 1, you then announce yourself by stating your name and you will then be entered into the conference call.

In order to obtain the best possible sound for these calls, it is recommended that each caller, after dialing in, press star 6 which puts you in a “mute” mode. You will be able to hear everything during the call but background noise from your location will not disturb others listening in on the conversation. When you wish to speak and enter the discussion, press star 6 and you will be released from the “mute” mode and able to participate. It is also highly recommended that each person wishing to speak state his or her name and wait for the moderator to recognize you before speaking. We can have too many people trying to seek the floor at one time and chaos can occur. The moderators will do their very best to recognize as many callers as possible however, they will determine the order in which speakers proceed. When finished with your comments, press star 6 again to go back into “mute” mode to facilitate better, uncluttered communication for everyone. Star 6 also works when you have your phone on speaker.

The times for the calls are
4:00 Eastern
3:00 Central
2:00 Mountain
1:00 Pacific

Please determine for yourself the time to enter the call if you live in a time zone other than those listed above.

Because our conference calls contain information that’s helpful and interesting to blind seniors, we archive all of them within hours of their completion. You can listen to our most recent archives by calling 712-432-1202, and entering the access code 759633 pound followed by the call reference code. There are 11 of our most recent calls for you to choose from. You can also listen to them through your computer or mobile device by visiting We hope you enjoy and learn from them.

For more information regarding the NFB Senior Division, please visit

Calls for 2017

  • Thursday, March 23, 2017:
    Art Schriber will moderate The Blind Consumer, Interacting with Hospital and Emergency Room Professionals While Receiving Medical Care With Confidence.
  • Thursday, April 13, 2017:
    Diane McGeorge with Duncan Larsen will moderate Live The Life You Want: Be A Senior In Charge of Your Destiny
  • Thursday, May 18, 2017:
    Wayne Marshall with his colleagues from the Senior Support Group at the Colorado Center for the Blind will continue the discussion of independence, Seniors In Charge: Cane Travel, Blindness Training Essential Elements To Attain Newfound Independence
  • Thursday, June 15, 2017:
    Shelley Copel will moderate a discussion with fellow South Carolinians who have taken correspondence courses from Hadley to obtain nonvisual skills, What Options Do I Have To Learn Needed Skills From Sources Other Than My State Agency?

Archived Calls

Additional archived calls can be viewed at

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