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Verona Park Day

The NFBNJ Sports & Recreation Division and the Northern Chapter invites all to participate in our “Verona Park Day” on Tuesday, August 20th, from 11:30 am to 3 pm.

The park spans 54 acres, with a 13-acre lake. Paddle boats are available to rent at a cost of $15 for a half-hour and $20 for an hour. The boats hold up to four people. There is a beautiful path around the lake, with waterfalls, and plenty of benches. A playground is available for those who want to bring children. If you prefer to sit and enjoy the surroundings, there are benches near the lake across from a large fountain. Anyone who brings children is fully responsible for them during all activities.
We will have lunch on the deck overlooking the lake. The food concession has snacks and hot sandwiches. They are usually open for snack sales only on weekdays between 2 and 7 pm. However, the manager indicated that he’d open the kitchen at 1 pm for us if there is enough interest in purchasing hot food.

Here’s a sample of the menu and prices:

  • Hamburger: $5.75
  • Veggie burger: $6.25
  • Hot dog: $4.00
  • Grilled cheese sandwich: $4.75
  • Chicken tenders: $7.00
  • French fries: $3.75

They also sell water, soda, ice cream, chips, fresh fruit, and cookies. Since the manager is making an exception and opening the kitchen for us, we need to know how many people plan to purchase lunch. Participants are responsible for their expense; including transportation, food, and boat rentals.

The paths are paved and very walkable, but comfortable shoes are recommended. There are two main paths. The one that goes around the lake is ¾ of a mile, and there are steps when crossing the bridge. The longer path is approximately 1.2 miles and there are no steps.

Registration is required. To register, please visit The closing date for registration will be August 9. Participants who require one on one assistance must bring their own aide or SSP, who must be over 18. Although they will not be considered participants, there will be a place on the registration form for their names for our records. If you need to cancel after registering, or if you have questions, contact Debbie Bloomer, Sports & Recreation Division Northern Chapter Coordinator, at 973-641-5074 or as soon as possible.

The Access Link drop off is at the Boathouse in Verona Park on Porcello Lane in Verona, NJ 07044. The two nearest cross streets are Bloomfield Avenue and Park Avenue. We will meet there between 11:30 and 12:00. We plan to start walking the ¾ mile path at 12:00 sharp. Those who are interested in the 1.2-mile loop will branch off prior to reaching the bridge, and we’ll all meet at the Boathouse. Those who want to walk less can sit on a bench until we return. Lunch, boat rides, more walking, and socializing will follow. Please make your Access Link pick-up for 3:00.

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