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The sky is the limit and you are stronger than you think you are.  Let’s come out of our comfort zone and become participants in the sports and recreational activities we desire.  I am looking forward to a new beginning of raising expectations and living the lives we want.  We Got This!

Andrew Rees, Linda Melendez, and Joetta Clark Diggs at Somerset County's 4th annual 5K Race to Wellness
Andrew Rees (Vice President of the NFBNJ Central Jersey Chapter and the NFBNJ Deaf-Blind Division) with Joetta Clark Diggs (a 4-time Olympian who competed in 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000) along with Linda Melendez (New Jersey State and Central Jersey Chapter Board Member and Chair of the Sports & Recreation Committee). Andrew and Linda participated in the 4th Annual 5K Race to Wellness in Somerset County, which took place on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Somerset’s Colonial Park. All proceeds from the race benefited Somerset County non-profits such as Empower Somerset, Somerset County 4-H and Somerset County Tourism.

Linda Melendez and Andrew Rees at 2017 Police Unity Walk
A picture of a female police officer with Linda Melendez and Andrew Reese at “The Police Unity Tour – Team Howell and the Feds”. The Blue Mile was a 1-mile run where runners and walkers drink a beer before each 1/4 mile. Linda and Andrew were the only blind walkers at the event and are wearing their orange Visually Impaired Blind Runner vests in this picture. Police Unity is dedicated to raising public awareness of law enforcement officers that have died in the line of duty and to honor their sacrifices. Both Andrew and Linda are active members at the state and local level of NFBNJ.

Marian Lee, member of the NFBNJ Capital Chapter, doing a spiral during a practice skate
Marian Lee, member of the NFBNJ Capital Chapter, is Wearing black sweat suit for her practice skate while performing a spiral (while skating on one foot the body is parallel to the ice with the free leg extended back and the arms are out to the side, It looks like a capital T).

Marian Lee, member of the NFBNJ Capital Chapter, performing a Chineese spiral
Marian Lee, member of the NFB Capital Chapter, is wearing a black skating dress while doing a Chineese spiral (while skating on one foot, one arm is in front while the other reaches back to hold the skate blade).

Andrew Rees and Linda Melendez at Yankees home opener, April 2017
Andrew Reese with his girlfriend Linda Melendez at Yankee Stadium Opening Day Game on April 10, 2017 against the Tampa Bay Rays. Andrew and Linda are active members at the state and local levels of NFBNJ.

Surfing For Vision Pictures

Brian Mackey on surfboard in Long Branch during Surfing for Vision 2017
Brian Mackey, stands tall as he rides the surf at Long Branch. Brian is able to balance himself as well as he balances the NFBNJ affiliate treasury. Brian is an active golfer and manages several state affiliate websites. In addition, Brian is a graduate of the Louisiana Center for the Blind and the proud owner of Mackey Enterprises, LLC.

Mike Halm getting instructions before going surfing during 2017 Surfing for Vision in Long Branch
Michael Halm, graduate of BLIND Inc, secretary of the Central Jersey Chapter and a member in the Guide Dog Division, receives instructions prior to managing the Atlantic ocean in Long Branch.

Andrew Smith at 2017 Surfing for Vision
Andrew Smith, a member with the New Jersey Association of Blind Students and the Technology Division, completed his internship at the Joseph Kohn Training Center. Andrew is ready to conquer the Atlantic ocean during the surfing experience at Long Branch. Andrew is a graduate of the Colorado Center for the Blind and, this fall, Andrew will complete his senior year at Rowan University, majoring in Computer Informatics.

Rosa Santiago standing on surfboard at Surfing for Vision 2017
Rosa Santiago, Chair of the Spanish Committee and a member of the Central Jersey Chapter enjoys conquering the Atlantic Ocean by standing on the surfboard during Surfing for Vision 2017. Rosa is the business owner of Mariposa Essence.

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