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DeafBlind Committee

The DeafBlind Committee of NFBNJ serves as a mechanism through which the DeafBlind and interested blind, sighted and hearing impaired persons working with the DeafBlind populations can come together to plan and carry out vocational, cultural and social programs to improve the quality of life for those who have a combined hearing and vision loss. Specifically, the committee works to raise awareness of the issues of DeafBlindness, to educate the public and to advocate for the needs of the DeafBlind both in New Jersey and on a national level through programs and initiatives of the National Federation of the Blind’s DeafBlind Division.

Membership is open to those who are DeafBlind, their family members and those who work in the field of DeafBlindness.

The committee conducts conference calls via phone bi-monthly. For a schedule of calls and times, please contact Chair Andrew Rees at 732-659-6002 or email

If you wish to learn more about the truth of what it means to be a DeafBlind individual, please view the following video:

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