Welcome to the NFB of NJ

The National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey. Changing what it means to be blind.

The National Federation of the Blind of NJ is helping to change what it means to be blind. With our chapters, divisions, programs, and projects, the NFB of NJ is making the public aware that the real problem concerning blindness is not blindness itself but the lack of knowledge, understanding, and opportunity from our sighted peers. Get involved in the largest organization of the blind in the nation and in the state. Get involved in the NFB of NJ and help us change what it means to be blind.

Your Old Car Keys Can Be Keys To Literacy For The Blind.
Donate your unwanted vehicle to us by clicking: www.carshelpingtheblind.org
or call 855 659 9314

donate used clothing to the National federation of the blind.
Are you or someone you know moving soon or cleaning out some closets? Why not donate your unwanted items to benefit the National Federation of the Blind? We’ll even pick the items up at your home!
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What is the NFB?
The National Federation of the Blind is an organization of blind people whose purpose is to promote equal opportunity for the blind. Founded in 1940, the Federation has affiliates in every state, Puerto Rico, Washington DC and includes more than 50,000 of the nation's blind.

Dedicated to the complete integration of the blind into society, the Federation works toward the removal of legal, economic, and societal barriers to full participation by blind people in employment, education, recreation, and all other aspects of community life.

The Federation is working to end discrimination by educating the public to new concepts about blindness and the abilities of blind people, offering training and advocacy to blind people and to parents of blind children, and providing job referrals and placements.

The Federation helps the newly blinded to learn the techniques that will enable them to maintain productive lives and informs them of services available from governmental and private agencies and of the laws and regulations concerning the blind.

The National Federation of the Blind is an organization of the blind speaking for themselves.